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Last chance to respond to consultation on Relationships and Sex Education.

Last chance to respond to consultation on Relationships and Sex Education.


Children belong to the State: *Agree    *Disagree   *Strongly disagree



 This, in effect, is what you are being asked to affirm under the Government Consultation into the new Guidance on Relationships and Sex Education.  The new Regulations will, subject to debate, receive Parliamentary approval next year.  They will then be enforced in 2020, with content and delivery governed by the Statutory Guidance.   It is therefore imperative that as many as possible respond to the Consultation by the closing date of November 7th


Some areas of concern

  • Loss of the parental right of withdrawal:  The Secretary of State for Education, Damian Hinds, has already announced that the parental right to withdrawal of children from Sex Education lessons, enshrined in the Education Act 1996, will be downgraded to a right of request.  The final decision will devolve to the Headmaster, who must also defer to any decision made by the child in the three terms preceding his or her birthday.  In other words, parents’ rights to withdraw will be taken away.
  • All teaching will be LGBT inclusive, irrespective of family faith.

    • Promotion of promiscuity, with explicit encouragement to explore sexual orientation and relationships.
    • Gender presented as ‘choice’, not biology.
    • Traditional marriage downgraded




For analysis of the problems arising from current policy, and of the issues involved, download the LCFCPG Report, Relationships and Sex Education: The Way Forward here




To help you reply, download VfJUK’s Briefing to the Consultation here:

 Please note, the Briefing has been designed to give you full background information to each question, meaning that, unless you so wish, reading the commentary attached to each section is unnecessary

Respond online to the Consultation  here:


Further action points

Please sign our petition to the Secretary of State for Education calling for the right of parents to have children educated in line with their religious belief to be upheld.









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