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Update to inspectors.

Update to inspectors.


Message to inspectors from the National Director, Education

Welcome to the 14th edition of ‘School inspection update’ (SIU).

In April, we held our spring conferences for around 1,600 school inspectors. Along with our autumn conferences, these events form part of our ongoing training to ensure the consistency, quality and reliability of our inspection practice. I shall share some of the topics covered this time in this edition.

Inspection is above all about human judgement. Therefore, the quality of Ofsted’s work and our value as a force for improvement depend absolutely on the knowledge and expertise of our inspectors.

Sometimes, the public debate gets stuck at the level of inspection grades, especially the overall effectiveness judgement. But the professional conversations between inspectors and school leaders are where the greatest value in our work lies. When we get this right - and we usually do - our work is acknowledged as constructive, helpful and, occasionally, even enjoyable by those on the other side of the process.

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