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Universities in deficit.

Universities in deficit.

Nearly one in four universities in England were in deficit last year, according to an official compilation of data that suggests more financial difficulties could be on the way.

The number of universities in England with operating deficits in 2017-18 increased to 32, compared with 24 the year before and 10 in 2015-16. Across the UK, the number reporting deficits rose to 47, compared with 40 in 2016-17.

The figures come after warnings of the financial challenges facing many British universities, but especially those in England that are dealing with increased competition and rely heavily on undergraduate tuition fees, which could be cut.

Reading University, which was reported recently by the Guardian to have benefited from the sale of land belonging to a separate trust, was among those with deficits higher than 10% of their annual income.

Reading’s income, reported to the Higher Education Statistics Agency, was £317m against total expenditure of £348m.

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