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Should private schools be reformed?

Should private schools be reformed?

The Privately Educated Retain their Grip on the Top Jobs as ‘Old Etonian’ Boris Johnson prepares to be PM.

AS Britain prepares for the selection of the Old Etonian Boris Johnson as Prime Minister policy wonks from both sides of the political spectrum have re-focused their attention on the role of fee-paying schools in the educational system.

For Francis Green and David Kynaston in their book, “Engines of Privilege” 2018 the nation’s private schools have become an “ignorable problem”. Their consequences are both “malign and divisive”.

Private schools, known as Independent schools, are fee paying educational institutions outside the state sector. 2000 independent schools exist throughout the UK including 200 ‘Public Schools’ such as Eton, Winchester, Harrow and Westminster. Most are single sex, but the trend is toward co-educational.

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