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Read more about the LGBT dispute in Birmingham Schools.

Read more about the LGBT dispute in Birmingham Schools.

But tensions have been running high in this inner-city neighbourhood, known locally as the “Balti triangle”, where Anderton Park primary school has suffered months of hostile protesting against the school’s LGBTQ-inclusive teaching. Interrupted only by the summer holidays and a temporary high court injunction moving the drama away from the school gates, demonstrators have been preparing to rally again on Friday, two weeks before the case goes back to court. At the centre of all of it is Shakeel Afsar, a 32-year-old property developer. He doesn’t have children at the school, but says he is the spokesperson for parents, including his sister Rosina.

In a school where about 90% of the pupils are Muslim, predominantly from families with Mirpur heritage, the teachers have a difficult balancing act: how to respect the values of its parents, who come from what has been known as one of the most rural and conservative cultures in Pakistan, while preparing the children properly for modern life in Britain.

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