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Overseas students think UK HE value for education.

Overseas students think UK HE value for education.

59% of respondents said they believed the UK to be a good value-for-money study destination. Students from Africa were most positive about the financial worth of UK HEIs, with a net score of +60 in the QS report.

“This survey confirms the strong reputation that UK universities have built internationally”

However, respondents saw Germany as a better value destination, while Canada was seen as an equally sound investment.

Students from EU nations are also less likely to see the UK as a good value destination. The net score from EU students was +17, with only 19% regarding the UK as “very good” value, compared to 41% of students from Africa.

The report states that: “questions remain as to why EU students don’t see as much value [in UK HE] as international students from other regions”, due to the popularity of Germany, and EU students paying the same rates as UK students.

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