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Education Secretary on social mobility.

Education Secretary on social mobility.

Today, you have come together to debate and discuss social mobility – which to me has not only characterised my own personal and political life, but I think as an area is perhaps one of the most entrenched, difficult, yet important challenges that can face any government. And by its nature it is long term. And as you talked Alan, I just had a flashback to all the years I spent growing up in Rotherham where I was aiming for something better – many of the things you talked about; a better job, owning my own home, an interesting career, a life that I found really challenging, and it was a really hard, long slog. But I was willing to do it because I knew there was something better out there, and I knew there was opportunity. And I think the power of people to lift themselves is perhaps the most important thing at the centre of this agenda, and I really want to talk about that today and about how I see my role in education as being that enabler to be able to give people the power to be able to lift and shape their own lives.

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