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December Prayer Diary

December Prayer Diary

Prayer Diary December 2018

Saturday 1st Dec

For Clive Ireson, Director of ACT

Sunday 2nd Dec

For all Christians that we may be ready for Christ’s return.

Monday 3rd Dec

For ACT Board of Trustees.

Tuesday 4th Dec

For all who work in the Department for Education.

Wednesday 5th Dec

For primary schools as they prepare their Christmas   concerts/services.

Thursday 6th Dec

For Christian governors.

Friday 7th Dec

For UK Christian teachers working abroad.

Saturday 8th Dec

For school and college chaplains.

Sunday 9th Dec

For those in your church involved in education.

Monday 10th Dec

For Dawn Williams, ACT Administrator.

Tuesday 11th Dec

For volunteers taking assemblies in schools.

Wednesday 12th Dec

For a pupil/student you know.

Thursday 13th Dec

For Barbara Bell, Chair of ACT.

Friday 14th Dec

For your local secondary school.

Saturday 15th Dec

For a Christian teacher you know.

Sunday 16th Dec

For church and school leaders.

Monday 17th Dec

For those in schools who are struggling with their faith.

Tuesday 18th Dec

For pupils/students with mental health issues.

Wednesday 19th Dec

For children/young people in hospital.

Thursday 20th Dec

For Christian youth and schools workers.

Friday 21st Dec

For Christian teachers struggling in their school setting.

Saturday 22nd Dec

For spiritual refreshment for all staff in the school holidays.

Sunday 23rd Dec

For children attending special services held in churches today.

Monday 24th Dec

For looked after children and those who care for them.

Tuesday 25th Dec

Praise God for the birth of our Saviour.

Wednesday 26th Dec

For Christian teachers in Malawi.

Thursday 27th Dec

For Clive Ireson, Director of ACT.

Friday 28th Dec

For ministers in the Department for Education.

Saturday 29th Dec

For children and young people who are sad at this time of year.

Sunday 30th Dec

For Barbara Bell, Chair of ACT.

Monday 31st Dec

For each of us as we prepare for the New Year.











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