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Are young people lost to the internet?

Are young people lost to the internet?

There’s a reflex negativity when people talk about teenagers online. What are they doing – for it surely must be something bad? And why are they doing it – for they surely can’t have good reason? And how can we limit their use – because it’s obvious that we must stop them doing this mysterious / pointless / boring / dangerous stuff?

However, this attitude shows a vast lack of understanding, which ultimately will fail the young people who will, whether we like it or not (and I do) grow up in a digital world. We need to understand – properly, deeply, in an evidence-based way – the benefits and the risks of online life. And to do that, we first have to understand humans.

Contrary to popular opinion, teenagers are simply humans. But every human has a context, provided by their past and present, and including their stage of life. Teenagers are humans in a teenage context. They also have individual contexts, but it is the teenage experience I’m focusing on.

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