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Prayer is the natural atmosphere of God's people and the normal context for divine activity.
Richard Longenecker

Not to pray is not to discern - not to discern the things that really matter, and the powers that really rule.
P.T. Forsyth

God does nothing but by prayer, and everything with it.
John Wesley

I have so much to do that I spend several hours in prayer before I am able to do it.
John Wesley

We may easily be too big for God to use, but never too small.

The great tragedy of life is not unanswered prayer but unoffered prayer.
Frederick Brotherton Meyer

Much prayer : much power
Little prayer : little power
No prayer : No power
Peter Deyneka

You may pray for an hour and still not pray. You may meet God for a moment and then be in touch with Him all day.
Fredrik Wisloff

I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming conviction that I had absolutely no other place to go.
Abraham Lincoln

When God intends to bless His people the first thing He does is set them a-praying.
Matthew Henry

The prayer diary
ACT has been providing a daily prayer for decades. Please pray for those who teach and learn in our schools and colleges, as well as leaders and politicians. It's good to have you joining in this most powerful of Christian activities.

September Prayer Diary.

September 2017

Fri 1st                    For teachers preparing for a new school year

Sat 2nd                 For pupils who are moving from primary to secondary school

Sun 3rd                 For the children in our churches

Mon 4th               For children starting school for the first time

Tue 5th                 For Clive Ireson, the Director of ACT

Wed 6th               For pupils with additional needs

Thu 7th                 For ACT Board of Trustees

Fri 8th                   For school Governors

Sat 9th                  For new school heads

Sun 10th              For all taking part in Education Sunday

Mon 11th            For new school staff

Tue 12th              For Barbara Bell, Chair of ACT

Wed 13th            For people in government who have responsibility for education

Thu 14th              For a teacher you know

Fri 15th                 For a pupil you know

Sat 16th                For school support staff

Sun 17th              For children’s workers in our churches

Mon 18th            For schools facing OFSTED inspection

Tue 19th              For Dawn Williams, ACT Adminstrator

Wed 20th            For recently retired teachers

Thu 21st               For students shortly starting at University

Fri 22nd                For graduates who are trying to find work

Sat 23rd                For our ‘Overseas’ Trustee, Jamie Jamieson

Sun 24th              For Biblical truth to be upheld

Mon 25th            For pupils and staff displaced by the Grenfell  tragedy

Tue 26th              For school and college Chaplains

Wed 27th            For schools facing SIAMS inspections

Thu 28th              For Christian clubs in schools

Fri 29th                 For Christian Unions in College and University

Sat 30th                For all Christian bodies who focus on education

August Prayer Diary.


Tuesday 1st August

That more Christians will choose a career in education.

Wednesday 2nd August

For your most local nursery.

Thursday 3rd August

For those home educating.

Friday 4th August

For Justine Greening MP – Education Secretary.

Saturday 5th August

For School Chaplains and their ministry.

Sunday 6th August

For Church representatives working in schools.

Monday 7th August

For Geoff Coggins Treasurer of ACT.

Tuesday 8th August

That ACT will continue to have opportunities to speak out in the media.

Wednesday 9th August

For your most local primary school – the staff and pupils.

Thursday 10th August

For spiritual refreshment for staff during the holiday period.

Friday 11th August

For those children without a school place for September.

Saturday 12th August

School staff grappling with transgender issues.

Sunday 13th August

For Barbara Bell Chair of ACT.

Monday 14th August

For Clive Ireson Director of ACT and Press Spokesperson.

Tuesday 15th August

School staff grappling with Relationships and Sex Education.

Wednesday 16th August

For Governors pondering over school budgets.

Thursday 17th August

For freedom of speech for Christians in our Universities.

Friday 18th August

For teachers struggling to be true to their Christian faith in their schools.

Saturday 19th August

For children new to the country without a school place.

Sunday 20th August

For those in charge of Safeguarding in our schools.

Monday 21st August

For your most local FE College/Uni the students and staff.

Tuesday 22nd August

For Angela Rayner MP – Shadow Education Secretary.

Wednesday 23rd August

I pray for ……….. a pupil I know.

Thursday 24th August

For refugees joining schools next term.

Friday 25th August

For those setting up new Christian Free Schools.

Saturday 26th August

For all school staff preparing to return to their educational setting.

Sunday 27th August

For Dawn Williams Admin Assistant for ACT.

Monday 28th August

I pray for …………. a teacher I know.

Tuesday 29th August

For those expecting an Ofsted inspection soon after they return to school.

Wednesday 30th August

For all staff and pupils starting new schools in September.

Thursday 31st August

For Pray for Schools – that every school becomes a prayed for school.



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