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Chalk mine could shut school.

A junior school is facing an uncertain future after a chalk mine was discovered beneath it.

Geological surveys have found an "unacceptable risk" that the ground below the Pinner Wood School, in Pinner, north-west London, could become unstable, Harrow Council said.

Pupils of the primary school have been told they will not be able to return to the site until further notice.

But it is also possible they will never be able to return to their school.

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School transport cuts causing distress.

“When it comes to school transport… councils must ensure decisions are made fairly, legally and transparently,” said Mr King.

“Failing to do this can cause confusion, financial hardship and have a significant impact on some of the most vulnerable families, particularly those who have children with special educational needs.”

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Taxis to take pupils to grammar schools?

Shadow Education Secretary Angela Rayner has slammed ministers over plans to spend £20million on taxis to take children up to 15 miles to the nearest grammar schools .

The government had previously cut a larger amount from the school transport budget that had supported a far larger number of pupils to get to school by bus.

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Head Teacher retains powerlifting championship.

A primary school head teacher has retained a British powerlifting championship title for the third year running.

Lynda Banks, 51, competes in the sports' Masters 2 class, which is open to 50 to 59-year-old competitors.

The head of Inverness' Smithton Primary retained her title at the GB Powerlifting Masters Classic Championships in Belfast.

Ms Banks only started competing three years ago at the age of 48.

Since taking up the sport, she has competed in Commonwealth, World and International championship events in Canada, Finland and the US.


She is a Commonwealth Champion and was placed third at last year's World Championship in Texas.

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Best schools add to house prices.

Being near a good primary school adds £18,600 to the average house price in England, government research has found.

A study by the Department for Education (DfE) has found prices are 8% higher near the best-performing primary schools and 6.8% higher near the best secondary schools.

It said "selection by house price" was restricting access to the best schools.

Property experts said schools affected prices in the same way as high-speed broadband and transport links.

The DfE said one of the top 10% of primary schools in London would put £38,800 on to the value of a nearby home. The average price in the capital was £484,700 in July 2016.

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Free sanitary products for children?

Education secretary's announcement follows campaign highlighting the problem of 'period poverty'

Education secretary Justine Greening has told MPs that she will look at the issue of providing free sanitary products for children receiving free school meals.

A petition calling for schools across the UK to give pupils free sanitary products has been signed by almost 15,000 people.

The petition cites the experience of the charity Freedom4Girls, which provides sanitary products to women in Kenya, but has now started doing the same in Yorkshire.

Freedom4Girls said it was contacted by a school in Leeds which was worried about the attendance of teenage girls.

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Are graduates ready for work?

Half of employers don't think graduates have the skills to start work.

The Association of Graduate Recruiters (AGR) spoke to 174 organisations about the quality of candidates straight out of university.

Chief executive of the AGR, Stephen Isherwood, says people skills and a "fundamental understanding" of the world of work are often lacking.

He says more need "the ability to work with people and get things done when things go wrong".

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Problems with revision app?

'Students using an exam revision app say they have been charged repeatedly, even when they no longer need it or have not been able to use it.

Revision App claims to offer effective online revision through its website or phone app.

A BBC investigation has found the company has taken people's money then failed to respond to their complaints.

Its founder said the cases were a "poor representation of the experience customers actually encounter".

Entrepreneur of the year

Revision App offers animated videos and quizzes to help with exam revision. It was set up in 2011 by Jermaine Hagan.'

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Malala Yousafzai to study at UK Uni?

Nobel prize winning campaigner Malala Yousafzai has received a conditional offer from a top UK university.

The 19-year-old, who is studying for A-levels, told a conference her focus was on achieving its requirements. 

"I have received a conditional offer which is three As," said Malala, who was shot by the Taliban in 2012 for her campaign on girls' rights to education.

Her speech drew a standing ovation from the Association of School and College Leaders conference in Birmingham.

Malala, who narrowly escaped death after being attacked on her way home from school in Pakistan, did not confirm which university had made the offer.

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Do children go off exercise from age 7?

Adolescence is thought to be the time when children go off exercise - but a study in The British Journal of Sports Medicine suggests it happens much earlier, around the age of seven.

Sitting is replacing physical activity from the time children start school, the research suggests.

Children should get at least an hour of exercise a day.

Many of the 400 children enrolled in the study did less than this as they got older.

The experts from Glasgow and Newcastle tracked the activity levels of the children over eight years using monitors worn for a week at a time.

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