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White working class being failed in schools?

White working class being failed in schools?

“I really don’t care – do you?” That was the slogan printed on Melania Trump’s jacket (from Zara, fashion watchers) that made headlines back in the summer when she visited detention camps for migrant children.

It also happens to be a neat summary of a malaise in our schools which Ofsted boss, Amanda Spielman, and her predecessor, Michael Wilshaw, are laying squarely at the feet of non-migrant families, ie white working-class Brits.

“I’m working in parts of England with white British populations where the parents don’t care. Less than 50% turn up to parents’ evening. Now that’s outrageous.” said Wilshaw.

I hope he’s doing something about it other than complaining to the press. White working-class underperformance has been a problem in schools since Oliver Twist asked for seconds. But in this case, ‘white working class’ is simply a euphemism for ‘poor’.

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