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Teachers call for ban of energy drinks in schools.

Teachers call for ban of energy drinks in schools.

One of the UK's largest teaching unions is calling for schools to ban energy drinks from their premises.

The NASUWT is warning about caffeine levels in the drinks, describing them as "readily available legal highs" which can contribute to poor behaviour.

It follows a report by academics, seen by 5 live investigates, calling on the government to consider making the sale of the drinks illegal to under-16s.

But the British Soft Drinks Association says the drinks have been deemed safe.

'Legal highs'

Academics from FUSE - the Centre for Transitional Research in Public Health in the North East - found children as young as 10 are buying energy drinks because they are "cheaper than water or pop".


Children told them they buy the drinks for as little as 25p, and that they choose energy drinks to "fit in" or "look tough".

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