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Secular society

Secular society

Letter to The Times  Friday 1st November 2013   Sir, What flows from Sir James Munby's abandonment of a Christian for a secular ethos in the courts (report, Oct 30)?  First, human beings are no longer "made in the image of God" and of infinite and eternal value.  Instead we are merely, to quote Stephen Hawking, "chemical scum on the surface of a moderate-sized planet".  That must change how society and courts deal with people.  Second, science and reason tell us there is no ultimate meaning or purpose or value or morality in life so the "justice" he swears to do is merely an artificial amoral construct seeking pragmatically to regulate the anthill of human affairs.  Third, he wrongly assumes the existence of a neutral secular set of values to replace the Bible, which are "legally and socially acceptable" but to whom?  Fourth, he abandons Christian morality because of the ongoing "enormous changes in social and religious life of our country".  What if in time these changes render acceptable matters which he currently views as "beyond the pale".  Vacuous platitudes of no philosophical depth are no way to develop a legal system.   Alastair Bates  Sidmouth, Devon  n


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