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Primary school Academy Trust gives food to families.

Primary school Academy Trust gives food to families.

The biggest primary school academy trust in England is to give food to parents to prevent "family hunger".

The Reach2 trust is going to put "community fridges" in its schools to provide food for families who otherwise would not be able to afford it.

The project is being launched in five schools in the east of England, with the aim of expanding to all of the trust's 60 primary schools.

Trust chief Sir Steve Lancashire says it's "heartbreaking" that it is needed.

"We often hear about children going to school hungry because their families simply cannot afford to provide them with the food that they would want to," says Sir Steve, Reach2's chief executive.

Low wages

"To think that this is happening in 2019 is heartbreaking," said Sir Steve.

He says the problem is "very widespread" in the deprived areas where many of the trust's schools are located.

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