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New Secularism

New Secularism

The various secular societies are tiny – with most having less real members than a large church. But they are noisy and seem to be having an increasing voice and influence in the secular media. One of the dangers is that here is a great deal of confusion about what secularism actually is. For a number of years I have been involved with secular societies and debated many people who would describe themselves as secularists and have come to understand why there is so much confusion. The trouble is that most Christians are secularists in the sense that most secular societies describe secularism, when they state that they are simply about the separation of church and state. Most of us are happy to live in a secular society – one that is not run by the Church, but allows and even recognises its input and the influence of Christianity. However this is not what the secular societies want. There is a new secularism which is much more militant and dangerous.
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