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Grenfell Tower student waiting for GCSE results.

Grenfell Tower student waiting for GCSE results.

Inês Alves is impatient for tomorrow’s GCSE results. She’s hoping for “an A at least” in her favourite subject, chemistry, and she’s quietly optimistic.

“I hope I did OK,” she says. “I did my revision notes a couple of months before, but I didn’t really get a chance to read through them – I had planned to look at them on the morning of the exam. But from what I remembered from lessons, I think I did OK.”

If anyone deserves a piece of good news this summer, it’s Inês.

It has been over two months since she and her family lost their home and all their worldly possessions in the Grenfell Tower fire on 14 June. The 16-year-old made headlines after she turned up to take her chemistry GCSE exam at 9am the next morning, wearing the same clothes in which she had escaped the still-raging inferno.

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