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Bad behaviour forces teachers out.

Bad behaviour forces teachers out.

Schools are facing a shortage of teachers as pupil numbers increase at the same time as recruitment slows and retaining qualified members of staff in schools becomes more difficult. Around a third of teachers are reported to leave the professionwithin five years of qualifying: I was one of them.

The retention crisis has been blamed on excessive workload and an ‘audit culture’ that generates layers of bureaucracy, uncompetitive salaries, a lack of clear paths for career progression and poor job satisfaction.

Now, as Head of Education at Policy Exchange, I am pleased to shine a light on another reason teachers are leaving the classroom: having to deal with persistent disruptive behaviour. In the words of one teacher we interviewed: “It just grinds you down.” This phrase became the title of our report because it best sums up the frustration of dealing with constant bad behaviour while trying to teach.

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