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Anthony Joshua and boxing.

Anthony Joshua and boxing.

And it’s all true. Boxing has changed his life for the better. I’ve met Joshua a couple of times and he really is one of the nicest, most down-to-earth young men whose acquaintance you’ll ever make, so I’m not sure he was ever going to become the modern-day Scarface that some of his biographers would have us believe he would become, had he not decided to pursue a career in the squared circle. Nevertheless, boxing has been good for him. And this is only the beginning for a kid who is on his way to becoming one of the most wealthy and famous human beings on the planet.

But let’s not be suckered into believing that Joshua’s success in any way provides a road map for black kids from disadvantaged backgrounds in general. Joshua is an outlier who has been blessed with the perfect physique, an enormous amount of guts, tremendous talent and the capacity to work hard enough to be the best on the planet at what he does. If you were to design the perfect athlete from head to toe, he wouldn’t look too different to Anthony Joshua.

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