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Will good teachers make good Head Teachers?

Will good teachers make good Head Teachers?

Too often, the great teachers are pressured to climb the career ladder to leadership – does it really make sense for these members of staff to spend so much time in an office, while children are taught by the less experienced, one author asks

It’s all too easy as a rank-and-file teacher, to sit on the sidelines and take pot-shots at "the management". To those free from such responsibility, those in that unfortunate position are sitting targets. It is worth remembering, though, that nobody is obliged to take those posts, with their irresolvable conundrums, difficult decisions and divided loyalties.

Neither is it reasonable for those in management to dismiss the rest as also-rans, ignoramuses who don’t know what they are talking about. All of us have experience of management – just from different perspectives. Given the power-imbalance here, regular teachers need a louder voice on this – it’s only what the "pupil voice" does for the children. When office doors are even metaphorically closed, misunderstanding is the likely result.

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