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Secretary of State writes to NAHT on RSE.

Secretary of State writes to NAHT on RSE.

I am writing following your recent conversations with various officials in my
department regarding relationships and sex education (RSE). I understand that
there was a useful meeting with the Director General for Early Years and
Schools on 4 April 2019. I thought it would be useful to write to you setting out
my thinking on equalities, and on the forthcoming introduction of compulsory
relationships education in primary schools.
I should start by saying that at the heart of my vision for the education system
is a strong belief in school autonomy. Head teachers across the country do a
fantastic job of leading their schools, and I want to make sure that they, as the
people who best know their pupils and communities, are supported to do their
jobs. Alongside that, I recognise that the issues we have seen in Birmingham in
recent weeks are ones that people feel very strongly about, and building
consensus is not always easy. I have found the reports of teachers feeling
intimidated very concerning and my department is supporting the dialogue
between the school and parents to find a way forward.

Read the full letter.


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