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"Insular" school communities failing to promote "British Values".

"Insular" school communities failing to promote "British Values".

Ofsted director tells Lords that small number of independent schools are causing concern 


Schools serving "insular" communities which also fail to promote "British values" are a cause for concern, Ofsted's national education director Sean Harford told a Lords committee today.

"The vast majority of schools are doing well in this area," Harford told the Lords committee on citizenship and civic engagement.

"We do have concerns over a very small minority of schools that are mainly in the independent sector."

He added that around 40 to 45 schools had been identified as inadequate in promoting British values, and had failed the Independent School Standards in this area.

"They are predominantly faith schools," said Mr Harford. "They tend to be serving communities that are quite insular anyway so need more promotion of fundamental British values than other communities where there are connections with the wider community."

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