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DfE an announcement a week.

DfE an announcement a week.

A phrase I learned some years ago working in schools is “busy-work” – work that keeps children busy but has little value in itself, as the dictionary puts it. It first cropped up in an education report in South Carolina in 1886.

This old tradition has taken a hold on you and your department. Since late November, you’ve been issuing policy statements at least once a week covering tree-climbing, plastic waste, lifesaving, your “year-long battle” to reduce teachers’ workload, when teachers shouldn’t send emails, and the old standby: a call to local authority schools to become academies.

I’ve been asked to visit the Department for Education several times and the meetings have been attended by young men and women taking notes. Sometimes, they have read out a statement, or the minister has waved at them to make a note of something. I’m guessing this policy flurry comes from you instructing these people to find something – anything – for you to announce in this midwinter period.

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