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Is a 2% pay cap for teachers fit for purpose?

Is a 2% pay cap for teachers fit for purpose?


The Secretary of State wrote to Dr Patricia Rice, the Chair of the School Teachers’ Review Body (STRB), on the 21

st November, asking for the STRB’s recommendations on the September 2019 pay award.

2. The remit letter emphasised the importance of focusing on how the pay award can best address recruitment and retention challenges and encourage high quality entrants to join the profession and support their progression within the workforce, while taking full account of affordability across the school system as a whole.

3. This document provides the Secretary of State’s evidence to support the STRB’s consideration of the 2019 pay award for teachers, headteachers and other teachers in leadership positions. It includes evidence on the teacher labour market, based on the latest recruitment and retention data, and on affordability

Read the Secretary of State's evidence.


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