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Will teachers boycott primary tests?

Will teachers boycott primary tests?

Teachers have voted to explore the possibility of boycotting all national tests at primary level in England.

Delegates at the Association of Teachers and Lecturers conference backed a possible boycott by 96% to 4%.

The motion urges discussions with other unions, "to see if they would join such a boycott" but this year's tests are unlikely to be affected.

Proposer Jean Roberts said government plans to scrap tests for seven-year-olds did not go far enough.

The government's consultation announcement last month followed years of pressure from teachers, parents and educationalists opposed to putting young pupils high stakes national Sats tests.

The Department for Education proposed a new assessment for pupils when they first start school instead.

The idea would be that children do not know they are being tested, according to the DfE.

Last year parents of seven-year-olds in the Let Our Kids be Kids campaign removed their children from school on the day of the tests.

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