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Too many low skilled workers.

Too many low skilled workers.

The Independent reports that by 2022 there will be 9.2 million low skilled people chasing 3.7 million low skilled jobs. Grammar schools aren’t helping the situation by prioritising academic excellence for the chosen few. 

In the last few days the Prime Minister, Theresa May, claimed she was creating an extra 70,000 grammar school places while the Chancellor announced an extra £500m for technical education.

Set against this backdrop the additional funds announced for technical education are welcome, as is the promise to streamline vocational qualifications so young people can make more informed choices. But these changes don’t go anywhere near far enough.

We will need to eliminate the attainment gap between the children of the poor and those of the rich and eliminate inadequate schools and those requiring improvement entirely, while lifting all to the level of the best. And further education, vocational training and opportunities for in-work and life-long learning will all need to be further invested in and in many cases overhauled.

Talk is cheap. It is time to deliver on the right to an excellent education for everyone, everywhere in Britain.

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