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Textbooks on the way back?

Textbooks on the way back?

Stepping into the office of Mr Peter Phillips – freshly anointed as Britain’s best prep school head – feels like stepping back in time. Hung along the walls are sketches of former bespectacled head boys, a clarinet sits in an open case, and a tartan ottoman heaves with teapots and pastries.

But more unusual for the head of a busy school of 261 day pupils and boarders, is that he has no computer, laptop or mobile phone. A landline receiver sticks out from paper on his mahogany desk.

The lack of technology is no accident. Mr Phillips, as all good teachers before him, is leading by example. As one the few heads brave (many might say foolhardy) enough to insist on not just a digital detox but an all-out blackout, smartphones are banned and other technology such as laptops and tablets are restricted at S. Anselm’s, an independent prep school and college .

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