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Teaching materials should be diverse to suit students.

Teaching materials should be diverse to suit students.

Schools – and the teaching materials they use – must be inclusive when it comes to minorities. It’s essential for their students’ wellbeing, writes the DfE's former mental health champion

The big education story of last week was, it eventually transpired, almost entirely made up.

On Wednesday, the Telegraph printed (on its front page, no less) a large picture of Lola Olufemi, Women’s Equality Officer at Cambridge University, alongside the headline "Student Forces Cambridge to Drop White Authors". The following day, after the story had been picked up by a variety of other publications (including the Daily Mail) the Telegraph printed a tiny retraction which finished: “Neither [the recommendations] nor the open letter called for the University to replace white authors with black ones and there are no plans to do so”.

A storm in a teacup, you might think. Except that what this particular brand of sensationalist claptrap and the subsequent inevitable social media furore has unfortunately succeeded in doing is derailing what was, in fact, a very sensible proposal: that more black and ethnic minority writers be included within the English curriculum.

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