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Teachers earn less if they quit but are happier.

Teachers earn less if they quit but are happier.

Teachers earn 10 per cent less on average in new jobs, with many moving to part-time working 


Teachers who quit the state sector to take up a role elsewhere tend to see their pay cut – but work shorter hours and find more job satisfaction, according to new research from the National Foundation for Educational Research (NFER).

For non-retiring teachers, the monthly pay of those who left and took up a new job was on average 10 per cent less, the research found.

The report also underlines the impact of the long-hours culture informing their decisions to leave – with many secondary teachers quitting in order to move to part-time jobs.

It states: “Among secondary teachers who leave, the proportion working part-time increases by 20 percentage points after leaving, whereas there is no increase among primary leavers.

“This suggests that secondary teachers find it more difficult to arrange part-time working.”

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