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Teachers don't need chocolates they need to be trusted.

Teachers don't need chocolates they need to be trusted.

Teachers don't need to be told to go home early or to go to yoga – to improve wellbeing they need two things: time to do the job they love and trust that they are doing it right, writes one primary teacher  


The standing staffroom joke for this academic year? #Wellbeing. 

We have begun to end every sentence to do with anything other than work with this little phrase: "I'm going to the pub tonight, #wellbeing!", "Not going to do any work tonight, #wellbeing!", "My husband bought me flowers, #wellbeing!" 

Now, I absolutely agree that the wellbeing of teachers, leaders and support staff needs to be raised. Teacher retention is dismally low and recruitment is a nightmare, with workload and stress cited often as major factors in the decision of staff to leave.

However, I am becoming increasingly aware that any initiative at all that might be a little bit less arduous than an average day is suddenly being treated as an amazing idea for improving everyone's wellbeing.

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