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STEM professional vacancies.

STEM professional vacancies.

When I speak to students about their career plans and drop into conversation the acronym, STEM, I’m sometimes met with a blank stare. At school, teachers are working hard to get students interested in STEM subjects, but the careers they could lead to aren’t being communicated well enough across the board. And it’s proving to be a real problem.


The UK Commission for Employment & Skills says a lack of skills is making it a challenge to fill 43 per cent of STEM professional vacancies. This issue is twice as severe within STEM than it is in other sectors. If we want to fill these vacancies, we need to showcase to students what a career in STEM fields truly entails. By showing real-life examples to young adults, from an early stage in their education, we’re more likely to encourage them to study science, technology, engineering and math.

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