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Some schools stop exclusions.

Some schools stop exclusions.

The rise in the number of school exclusions is alarming and the effect a pupil’s misbehaviour can have on a class, individual pupils and teachers alike is of huge concern. However, when acted upon correctly, it doesn’t have to be such a negative tale.

I am thinking about Ashmal (Name has been changed), a 14-year-old pupil at Lyng Hall Academy, whom I still teach today.

Within his first year of joining the school in Year 7, Ashmal had 389 negative codes (behaviour technique that begins with a positive).

He was hugely disruptive and on the brink of permanent exclusion – but together with my colleagues, I saw promise in Ashmal, and we didn’t want to give up on him.

Ashmal was a hard pupil to understand, he was so angry and he himself didn’t know what to do.

It was such a difficult situation, we needed to think about our other students, but we knew that if we excluded him – which would have been the easiest option – his chances of succeeding in life were slim.

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