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Should 11 year olds be tested?

Should 11 year olds be tested?

There’s lots of discussion this week about SATs and whether they should be binned. I come to this issue from two sides, as both the head of a secondary school and also the parent of four girls, the eldest of which is sitting her SATs as I write. 

I’m delighted to report that in my experience the majority of parents are more than willing to show their child that they must work hard in order to do well in life, and recognise that these tests are an opportunity to see how their child is doing as they leave primary school.

However, a vocal minority are absolutely convinced that these tests are akin to the Trials of Hercules, and that their children will never recover from the mental scarring of a few tests at age 11. The children must be allowed to discover everything for themselves and never be instructed, because if the child is happy why should it matter if they can read or write properly?

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