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Push for LGBT inclusive curriculum.

Push for LGBT inclusive curriculum.

Ruth Hunt

Chief Executive, Stonewall

How young people see themselves, each other and the world around them is shaped by what they learn

about at school.

For every young person to be prepared for life in modern Britain, it’s vital that their curriculum reflects the

full diversity of the world they live in. When pupils are supported to understand diversity and celebrate

difference, they can develop accepting attitudes towards those who are different to them, and feel proud

of the things that make them different themselves.

This includes teaching about lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) people and themes. While Britain has made

huge strides towards LGBT equality in recent decades, anti-LGBT bullying and language unfortunately

remain commonplace in Britain’s schools. A crucial part of tackling this problem is delivering a curriculum

that includes LGBT people and their experiences.

Read the guidelines from Stonewall.


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