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Private tutoring the "hidden secret".

Private tutoring the "hidden secret".

Private tutoring is the "hidden secret" allowing better-off families to stop their less able children from failing at school, research suggests.

Bright teenagers from poor homes get half as much extra tuition as less able pupils from wealthier homes, a report for the Sutton Trust charity suggests.

Disadvantaged pupils also miss out on homework help from parents, with half of poor 15-year-olds getting support.

This compares with two-thirds of pupils from the most advantaged homes.

On average, GCSE-year pupils in England spend 9.5 hours per week receiving extra tuition, help with homework from parents or support from school.


The Sutton Trust said private tuition was the "hidden secret" of British education in an "educational arms race" that reinforces the advantages of youngsters from richer homes.

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