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Parents of FSM children get less info on their childs education.

Parents of FSM children get less info on their childs education.

But parents of pupils eligible for FSM are more likely to be told about their child's behaviour, a Department for Education survey suggests

Parents of children eligible for free school meals say they receive less information from schools than families of children who are not eligible, unless it is about their child’s behaviour.

The findings of a survey conducted for the Department for Education, released today, show that the biggest perceived gap concerned information about their child’s progress at school.

A total of 66 per cent of parents or carers of children eligible for FSM said their school communicated with them about this, compared with 86 per cent of those whose children who are not eligible for FSM.

FSM parents and carers also reported receiving less information about school activities, changes to school policies, school performance and the curriculum.

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