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Is Lecturing now like working in a business?

Is Lecturing now like working in a business?

I am a scholar with several full professorships from different countries and extensive experience in teaching and research. I like working with others and have been fortunate to have collaborated with talented colleagues. When I landed a good job at a top UK university I was naive enough to think it might have been for one of these reasons.

Imagine my surprise when I learned that none of my experience would be needed for the job. I didn’t even need my doctorate for most tasks. No use was made of my research skills, nor of my explicit interest in mentoring early career researchers.

For my teaching duties, I was assigned modules that had little connection with my expertise. I had no contact with doctoral or more advanced students. My work schedule was unpleasant, not just because it contained mostly repetitive seminars but because the teaching load was fragmented, forcing me to commute long distances to different locations. I was made to supervise undergraduate students seemingly allotted at random given that their specialisms often had little to do with my expertise.

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