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Class sizes rising.

Class sizes rising.

Two-thirds of secondary schools in England have increased the size of their classes in the past two years, an analysis of official figures suggests.

The analysis, by education unions, suggests the five areas with the fullest classes have all seen increases between 2014-15 and 2016-17.

In some areas, such as York, secondaries have had average rises of three more students per class, it said.

The Department for Education said the figures were flawed.

And it said average class sizes had seen little change since 2010, adding that in secondaries they were 20.8 per class in 2017.


But the unions, representing heads, teachers and support staff, say the fact classes are becoming fuller in the five areas with the fullest classes - Barnsley, Rutland, Thurrock, Newham and Leicester - shows ministers are failing in their stated aim to even out the differences in education.

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