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Challenges of keeping PE on the curriculum.

Challenges of keeping PE on the curriculum.

It’s a subject all teenagers should be regularly participating in, with long-term consequences for students’ health and happiness. And with British children often accused of being more interested in screens than sport, PE is arguably more important now than ever. But are tests, league tables and budget cuts getting in the way when it comes to secondary schools delivering PE properly?

Michael Crichton, chair of the Association for Physical Education is a passionate man when it comes to the importance of PE and he’s frank about the fact that some barriers do exist.

“Feedback from our members suggests that there can be some issues,” he confirms. “Unsurprisingly, funding is one of them and it’s really difficult for schools to combat, especially schools in vulnerable positions, desperately trying to meet various standards. If you’ve got fewer pupils taking PE option at GCSE and A-level, you might have to look at not offering it. You then lose individuals in the department and if you’re not careful your whole school PE provision is eroded.”

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