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Bursaries for some teachers.

Bursaries for some teachers.

Aspiring teachers in maths, chemistry, physics and modern foreign languages are set to get up to £35,000 during training and their early careers, on top of their salaries.

Trainee teachers in these subjects are set to receive £26,000 during training, with an additional £6,000 to be paid across the first four years of their career, from 2020/21. For those working in high need areas, these additional payments will rise to £9,000.

Teachers in three subjects – chemistry, physics and modern foreign languages – will receive these early career payments for the first time, while trainees in maths have benefitted from phased bursaries for the last two years.

The government has committed more than £250 million in financial incentives to encourage talented graduates to enter the classroom, and remain in the profession, building on a pledge in the Department’s Recruitment & Retention Strategy to ensure the bursary system focuses more heavily on the retention of teachers.

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