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Brexit and schools.

Brexit and schools.

Ed Finch, teacher, Larkrise primary school, Oxford There’s another general election coming and I am sick to my stomach at the thought of how I’ll discuss that in class or in assembly. How can I present, in a balanced and non-judgmental way, the appalling invective that has been normalised these last few weeks? How can I suggest to pupils that adults who posture, threaten, lie and break the law are worthy of our respect?

We are required to teach “British values” – values such as democracy, pride in diversity, respect for the rule of law. How can we present any of these with a straight face?

Our school is diverse in every sense. Children from every part of the globe learn together, and our staff are multicultural too. For many of them, this is a scary time. Will they be permitted to remain in the UK? Even if they are permitted to remain, is this still a country in which they feel welcome and safe?

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