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Spiritual abdication

Spiritual abdication

overhead Friday 11th April 2014

Cappuccino:  You are looking more flustered that usual.  Has it been a hard day at your happy ship of learning?

Latté:  Happy ship?  Very messy ship at the moment.

Cappuccino:  Tell me about it.  I might, of course, regret saying that.

Latté:  It started before 8 o’clock this morning.  Hannah, one of my NQTs was in tears.

Cappuccino:  Oh dear.  Classroom challenges?

Latté:  Not at all.  In fact, I have reason to believe that the sixth form are frightened of her.

Cappuccino:  What was it that upset this fearsome young woman?

Latté:  Church.

Cappuccino:  Church?

Latté:  Yes.  You know, those places where Christians tend to hang out, especially on Sundays.

Cappuccino:  Church, yes I am familiar with the concept.  What was the problem with church?

Latté:  Well, you have heard of Messy Church, haven’t you?

Cappuccino:  I have, although to me that’s tautology.

Latté:  Well, Hannah goes to Wacky Church.

Cappuccino:  Also tautology.

Latté:  You are not taking me seriously.  Hannah’s church leader, allegedly, announced that he was no longer the leader, but that the Holy Spirit was the leader.

Cappuccino:  Innovative, but curious.

Latté:  He also said that if any members have a complaint they should take it, not to him, but to the Holy Spirit.

Cappuccino:  Ah.  I see.  So, since the Holy Spirit doesn’t need a salary, then the church will now save some serious cash?

Latté:  An intriguing point.  I’m not sure that the Rev. No-Longer-Leader will see it that way.

Cappuccino:  So basically he is abdicating responsibility, but not the power or the money?

Latté:  Maybe.  But it gets wackier.

Cappuccino:  Ah, is this where Hannah comes in?

Latté:  Yes. Hannah is a Sunday school teacher and has a Sunday school class of six year olds.  She finds them a refreshing change from sixth formers.

Cappuccino:  Sounds a good arrangement.

Latté:  Yes, it works well, but the Rev. No-Longer-Leader has decided to dissolve Sunday school, and the children must remain in the service.  He says that the Holy Spirit will enable the children to understand the sermons.

Cappuccino:  Probably feasible if the Holy Spirit wrote and preached the sermons.

Latté:  Well, I think that the Rev. No-Longer-Leader thinks that the Holy Spirit does, with a little help from himself, of course.

Cappuccino:  Ah.  So what did you say to Hannah?

Latté:  I told her that sometimes you just have to watch whilst people make silly mistakes, and wait for common sense to return.  I said to her, ‘Meanwhile, get back to frightening the sixth form.’

Cappuccino:  Good advice.  Getting stuck into work can often be therapeutic.

Latté:  Do you want to know what happened next this morning?

Cappuccino:  No.

Latté:  Not about the curious incident in the science lab involving the cheese sandwich?

Cappuccino:  No.  Not at all.  Now drink up and get back to leading your school, making sure that you get a new consultant.

Latté:  Who’s that?

Cappuccino:  God the Holy Spirit, of course.  None better.

Latté:  Priceless! 

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